What is Wasteland War?

Wasteland War is a live action combat and role-playing event that combines Nerf War and padded melee combat to create a cool post-apocalyptic game. Players form into teams or “gangs”; and compete in various games with each other to win loot.

What else is going on?

Enjoy food, roleplay and quests We are also BYOB friendly, in moderation.

How much?

Tickets start at $25 at the gate for admission and a basic class character. Cash and credit accepted, but cash is preferred. There may be an additional credit card processing charge.

Can I camp on site?

Yes! Camping sites are available the night after the event, but are first come first serve. There is no extra charge for camping.


We are holding this at an awesome LARP park called Cauldron’s Keep in Dale, TX, only 30 minutes outside of Austin, TX.


Cauldron’s Keep
9703 FM 20
Dale, TX 78616



Our event consists of several battle games, each with different rules and objectives. They might consist of several rounds of the same fight, involving different gangs or switching sides. While the battle games are going on, other activities such as gambling, trade and other contests will be going on in the Bartertown.

5/18/19- Mischief in Bartertown


11:00am Gate Opens, Weapons check begins

12:00pm Battlegame 1- SPORTSBALL!!! or is it?

1:00pm Battlegame 2-  Gathering of the gangs

2:00pm Extended Mission- Gang power

4:00pm Battlegame 3- A Gang Rises-not just a gate battle.

5:00pm Arena Melee Tournament

6:00pm Auction

7:00pm Arena Fights, Roleplay, ditching, and drinking all night long.


Food and Concessions

Concession stand will be open on Saturday according to the schedule. The Concession Stand is cash only, but serves hot food during those times. Packaged food – chips, soda, bottled water, granola bars – will be available at the bar all day after 1100.


Different tickets get you a different amount of steel, scavenging cards and characters you can play at the gate. Steel is the currency of the game world, and scavenging cards have various special abilities.

Class Steel Scavenging Cards Price
Basic Combat 5 1 $25
Advanced Combat 5 1 $25
Basic Scavver 10 2 $25
Advanced Scavver 10 2 $25
Add-on: Extra Steel 10 N/A $5
Add-on: Scavenging Cards N/A 2 $5

Cash or credit card. Credit cards will be charged a $1 service fee.

Inside Bartertown

There will be various locations and characters within Bartertown that will operate throughout the day. They have in-game purposes, or just are a lot of fun.

The Trading Post

The trading post is where you can directly exchange Steel for various in-game items, or buy new scavenging cards with Steel. You can also buy steel or scavenging cards add-ons there as well as the ticket booth.

The Saloon and Casino

Gambling – Texas hold’em between players and blackjack against the house – is available at the saloon, along with dry goods and packaged food.

The Chemist

Find chemicals but don’t know what to do with them in the Wasteland? Find the Chemist. Turn in the right combination of cards, and the Chemist will convert them into usable items.

The Arena

The big tournament for the Champion of the Wasteland is held here, but quick-draw contests and ditching fights will be held throughout the day. And remember, the Bookie is there to take your bets.

Battle Games

Food Raid

The food and water caravan is on its way to the Bartertown. Can you keep it from getting raided?

(Rules Pending)

Defend the Caravan

The rules of the Bartertown protect anyone inside of it. But those other faction’s caravans aren’t inside of yet. And neither are yours!

It’s almost a tradition at this point – the Bartertown clearly states that the caravans and gangs are only protected once they arrived. And caravans full of goods are on their way from all the factions, so of course no one can resist a good caravan attack.

The game consists of two teams – a larger team of caravan guards and a smaller one of raiders. There will be a caravan cart on the field, and a series of checkpoints. The cart must reach each checkpoint intact, with at least one defender surviving at the final one. There are raider bases  along the route.

Defenders do not respawn and have no resupply point. Raiders can resupply at any of their base. Raiders can respawn at their bases by counting to 25.

Raiders win if the caravan is destroyed. To destroy the caravan, they must hit it 6 times with solid melee strikes or Molotovs. Bullets have no effect on the caravan.

Hold the Gates

The damn psycho raiders! Scouts have spotted a factionless band of marauders coming in to try and raid Bartertown, or at least steal as much as they can get their hands on. Time to teach them some manners.

This game consists of two teams – attackers and defenders. Even though people will fight in their usual gangs and classes, the attackers represent the raiding party not their normal characters. The defenders must hold the Bartertown gate for 15 minutes, or else the raiders breach Bartertown and pillage some of its wealth before disappearing into the wasteland.

There will be an attacker base and a defender base. They can be used as resupply points. Each character can revive 3 times at their side’s base.

The attackers win if an attacker touches the defender’s base and call “Pillaging 1, Pillaging 2, Pillaging 3…” all the way up to ten. Being wounded or removing the touch reset the count.


The Republic’s second most important tradition – Sportsball! The first most important tradition is betting ON Sportsball! And third most important is the shameless shilling for Sportsball sponsors – BROUGHT TO YOU BY BUBBA’S ROTGUT, THE ONLY BRAND GUARANTEED TO ROT YOUR GUT!

Every year, Bartertown plays host to the official sport of the Republic, Sportsball. In the old days, huge stadiums (sometimes called diamonds) were erected to Sportsball, where gladiators drew blood against each other for the amusement of the crowd with bats and sticks while clad in helmets and armor.

Sportsball consists of four teams of equal size. The field will have a foam boulder and four end zones. Players start next to their end zones Players cannot carry or touch the Sportsball with their arms or hands, but can kick or hit with shields and weapons.

Each team starts with two points. Lose all your points, and your team is eliminated. You lose a point if the Sportsball hits your end zone. If someone loses a point, they leave the field if they are out of points and the Sportsball is placed in its original position, remaining teams return to their end zones, their load-outs resupplied and their abilities refreshed.

Players can respawn infinite times by counting to 15 in their end zone, then screaming, “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SPORTSBALL?!” with suitable enthusiasm.

Last team standing wins.

Raid the Ruins

Word has gotten back to the warlords that some prime ruins have been uncovered by a recent twister. Go get them before anybody else does. Of course, everyone else has heard about it to…

This game consists of three teams, each with a base at the edge of the play area. There are four scavenging areas marked in the field.

The first team to get 10 scavenging points is the winner. You get a scavenging point by saying “Scavenging 1, Scavenging 2…” up to 10 inside a scavenging zone, with no enemies present inside the zone. If an enemy enters the zone, or you are wounded, it resets the count.

Fixers can resupply at their base. Players can respawn infinitely at their base by counting to 5.

The Big Bangarang

The Warlords can’t get through a single Bartertown without starting some sort of fight. Whatever, time for the Big Bangarang! Let’s do this!

The Warlords are taking to the field to prove who has what it takes the rule the wasteland. All players take the side of their faction for this big brawl.

Each side starts in opposite corners of the arena. Last side standing wins.

Each side fights with their warlord. Warlords have a variety of impressive abilities on the field, that make them very potent foes.

  • Warlords can use the Fixer Restore and Fix abilities almost instantly with a single ‘Fix’ or ‘Restore’ call, not counting up. They do not run out of these abilities.
  • Warlords always wield powerful weapons, even one handed. They can dual wield powerful weapons or use a shield and a powerful weapons together.
  • Warlord shields are unbreakable, even by Molotovs, powerful weapons and bullets.
  • Warlords have six toughness or more.
  • Warlords can carry and use Molotovs, guns and other abilities. They have large stores of ammo for all.

These NPC fighters are the backbone of their force, but they are also the secret to defeating them. Down the Warlord – they survive but are taken out of the fight – and you have a chance of beating your foe.

The Arena Tournament

After the battle games, there is the arena tournament. Arena tournament fighting ignores class restrictions, and involves only melee weapons provided by the arena itself. Fighters will be placed in the arena and will have to scramble for blades and shields to fight with. In the arena, anyone can wield a powerful weapon or use a shield. There might be more exotic weapons as well.

Each gang will have the opportunity to name a contender to fight in the arena at the Town Meeting – fighting for the glory, honor and of course, cold hard cash that comes with being the Champion of the Wasteland.

All bouts are one-on-one.

Trust no one

Things have gone awry in Bartertown. You don’t think you can trust anyone anymore, so you go for your best bet and grab the person you trust most. You two will have to fight other teams of two. If you lose your partner you’re on your own.

After you pick a partner every team will spread out 20′ apart. If you are downed and don’t want to wait for a revive, go back to the assigned revive spot. You will ether team up with the person already there, or the first person to arrive.  The game will last 5-10minutes, with objective items that earn you extra steel. If you can hold them.