Hey, wasters. We’re getting ready for our second Wasteland War event, and we learned a lot our first event. So, we have some rules revisions we are planning on introducing next game. But! We want your feedback. So here’s what we are planning on changing for next game, and at the end of this post, there will be a link to sending us feedback about the rules.

None of this is final yet! We want to hear from you first.


So, we heard about more people wanting more RP, so we’re going to take some steps to improve role-playing and character dynamics during the game.

  • We will be introducing Quests during the game that can be played either as combat experiences or role-playing experiences based on preference. You will get chances to scavenge ruins as a team, deal with outsiders and strange occurences, solve puzzles and other fun stuff.
  • Various NPCs will have other quests and tasks in town, along with an overarching single day plot. While each Wasteland War event might be connected, we want to make sure everyone can get a satisfying experience in a single day, and will be setting up the plots to be finished in the course of the event. You might receive rumors and other information at check-in or during the game.
  • Role-playing and in-character behavior will be enforced in major social areas, such as the Casino and the Marketplace. You aren’t obligated to constantly role-play, but you should not disrupt others doing so in those areas.

Toughness, Costumes and Armor

  • So, we want to keep Wasteland War combat quick and intense. But handing out levels of toughness to almost everyone who shows in costume slows down and complicates combat. So: Costumes no longer give bonus toughness. However, showing up in costume will get you extra scrounging cards at check-in, and is required for playing an advanced class.
  • But, if a Warrior shows up in heavy armor that is restrictive, we think they should get a bonus. We are adding a new ability to the Warriors – Tank Up, which gives an additional level of toughness if the Warrior is wearing armor that is heavy and restricts movement and vision as determined at weapons check.

Ranged Weapons

  • It became painfully obvious that the standard Nerf darts are very hard to feel during fights. So, we are allowing only MEGA or Rival style guns on the field from now on.
  • We had a lot of requests to use bows, and they are an appropriate to the genre. So, we are allowing bows as an alternative weapon to replace a Nerf gun on the field. You get the same number of arrows that you would have bullets. Arrows can be recovered from the battlefield but do not break any items, including shields and weapons.
  • Arrows and bows will be subjected to similar safety requirements as other boffer games.
  • You can switch between guns and bows between battle games, but not during one.
  • Gunners are allowed to call their shots, or can get a judge to call them.


  • Gunners were very powerful last game, especially in the hands of a skilled shooter. Gunner load-outs will receive half the ammo they currently have. Molotovs will be removed from Gunner load-outs, though they will still be able to throw them.
  • Fixers turned out to be less of a support class and more of a demolition class. To adjust them, Fixers will receive one less Molotov in their load-outs.
  • Zerker weapons will always be indestructible, and they can carry 3 of any class of weapon, powerful or otherwise.


All right, have an opinion? Have another idea of what needs changing!


9 thoughts on “Improving Role-playing! New Rules Revisions!

  1. Two breaking strikes destroys a shield for the rest of a battle, and it must be discarded immediately.

    Broken shields can be taken to a fixer by their edge by any character, but it counts as a limb strike if it is used to block.

    These statements seem contradictory.

  2. Melee strikes to a gun or bow break the gun or bow. Intentionally targeting guns or bows is not allowed – they are expensive.

    Why is it both? If it’s not allowed, why does it count. By that logic head shots are not allowed but should count if done by accident?

  3. All warriors start with one level of toughness, stacking with any other toughness from costuming or special items.

    I suggest adding see tank up. To clarify the costuming stipulation.

  4. Advanced
    Two guns or a bow and gun, 12 rounds of ammunition or 6 rounds of ammunition and 6 arrows, one short or medium melee weapon, 1 Molotov

    Gunners may carry one Molotov at a time and use them, whether the Molotov is part of their own load-out or given to them by a Fixer.

    There is one other reference about giving the Gunner the use of a moltov but not the load out. Should go through updates on this point.

  5. It was generally thought a fixer could resupply ammunition. Can this be confirmed or denied specifically in the rules?

  6. Guns
    All guns should be a retail model foam dart, disc or ball caster (e.g. Nerf guns). We highly recommend the Nerf MEGA or Rival line. Otherwise, hits are extremely hard to register by other players. Players using traditional dart weapons will regularly have missed hits.

    Needs update

  7. Wasteland War does not feature stabbing only weapons – all weapons must be slash and stab legal, having a minimum blade length.

    Minimum blade leangth is not specified.

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